March 31, 2011


image via tiny white daises


I'm not exactly sure what this blog will become, but let's find out together, how does that sound? Mostly I just wanted a place that I could share ideas, quotes, pictures, decoration, stories, fashion, simple living, just anything and everything. After all, if Oprah could have a Favorite Things list, why can't we all? My hope is that you will find some inspiration, some joy, just by stopping by and reading a post here or there. Sometimes all it takes is just that. Thank you for stopping by...

To start, It's the beginning of Spring. I love Cherry Blossoms and new beginnings. There is so very much in my life that I have to be grateful for right now, and so very many new beginnings. Yes Spring is in the air and I'm craving fruit and yogurt, dresses with sandals, music that makes you want to roll down all the windows in the car and just drive and take the long way home. I'm in spring cleaning mode, and it's spilled over into every aspect of my life.

I read a few inspirational quotes today...

"I wish I were the verb 'to trust' and never let you down" (I googled it, turns out it was from Pearl Jam...I just thought it was so ...sweet...)

"The next time you think you're perfect, try walking on water"

Yes, I am in the mood for Spring, and I'm ready to pack up old man winter and wool coats and sweaters. I ordered three dresses from target and kohls (budget savvy these days!). This one - looks actually cuter on - it even ties in a bow in the back.. This one I can't wait until it arrives...with nude sandals...can already feel the fresh breeze in my hair. 'The best weather is bird chirping weather'.

And I can't wait to pick up this candle...i'm very picky but it is just the right amount of freshness and softness and makes me want to wash every article of clothing I have.

Candle: Yankee Candle Company

i love this looks like wallpaper..or wrapping paper..or fabric, but it's so delicate and feminine.

image via tinywhitedaises