June 29, 2011

The Power of the Polka Dot

Some women put on red lipstick and feel dangerous and powerful.

Some men put on a red tie, a quality suit, and take on the world.

Some children put on a cape, a mask - and for a moment, they are a hero.
Little girls turn into princesses and ballerinas, and little boys turn into firefighters, superheros, and fight the forces of darkness.

For me, just give me a set of pearls (triple strand would be a dream), a silk scarf, a headband, and ...some polka dots. {P.S. who needs a magic carpet or batmobile to ride around on - just give me a freshly washed car - inside and out!}

What makes you feel like you're wearing your cape? Your pearls and polka dots? And, why aren't you wearing it every day?

Polka dot skirt pictured here

June 28, 2011

Sometimes you have to say goodbye

Sometimes, you have to let go, to move forward.

I said goodbye to something very big today. With every ending, comes a new beginning. With every closed door, a window. Sometimes people think you're so brave for holding on, but other times the real strength lies in when you can let go.

It is said that the song "Auld Lang Syne" is typically used to celebrate New Years Eve...but it is also sung at other occasions as a farewell or ending to other occasions. As this chapter of my life closes, I think of these images below, and this version of Auld Lang Syne by Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis. I first heard it during the Sex & The City Movie. I think it's appropriate for this time, and I hope you'll enjoy it too!

Like a child waiting for Christmas, I am still hopeful, that the unknown of my future unwraps itself. That part of me, is very much looking forward to the journey of what is to come.

"If it doesn't work, if it doesn't flow, maybe life is trying to tell us something. Life is a gentle teacher. She doesn't always send neon road signs to us. Sometimes the signs are more subtle. Something not working may be a sign! Let go."~ Melody Beattie

Girl with Balloon image


I heard a quote once that said something along the lines of that life all comes down to a series of maybe 5 or so major life decisions and moments. Moments that with that decision our life drastically turned one way or another - a fork in the road, a path less traveled, a job, a relationship - it seems like life all really comes down to a 5-10 major life moments that changed the course. Maybe we knew it at the time, maybe it happens to us, or we make the choice. I wonder though.

Moments seen here

June 26, 2011

Open windows

"God doesn't close a door without opening a window..."

Just a pretty view from my window.

Left to right... Flowers from Trader Joes, $5.99...bud vases from The Painted Lady $5.00, Picture taken at a dear friends wedding, priceless.

Glass Jewelry Tray

As promised, here is another treasure I picked up at the Antique show last month. Back in the 'olden days' this was used as a serving tray, and even came with a glass saucer for beverages which fit snugly into one of the corner pockets which is slightly rounded. There is even a slot for one's cigarette! The saucer cup was missing from this serving set, so it was being sold for a mere $4.00. Sold! I think it makes a beautiful way to display everyday jewelry.

{PS excuse this photographer, I'm an amateur, but I wish I had my friend Kasey's photography talent!}

It's not what they call you

This is what the deed to my condo reads:

Well. This just won't do.

See all that white space underneath? It's there for a reason. So, let's rephrase what follows after the comma.

Lisa Spagnoli,
A beautiful soul, a lover of life, a believer in fairy tales & happy endings, a writer, granddaughter, daughter, cousin, niece, true blue friend to many, kairos mother goose, future wife & mother, the girl next door who will eternally believe in faith, hope and love.

Remember readers ~ "it's not what they call you, it's what you answer to"

June 24, 2011


"You don't have to know where you're going to end up somewhere wonderful"

{Sometimes I wish I did though}

June 20, 2011

10 Rules for Being Human

Ten Rules for Being Human ~ Author: Cherie Carter-Scott

1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it’s yours to keep for the entire period.

2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called, “life.”

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial, error, and experimentation. The “failed” experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiments that ultimately “work.”

4. Lessons are repeated until they are learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson.

5. Learning lessons does not end. There’s no part of life that doesn’t contain its lessons. If you’re alive, that means there are still lessons to be learned.

6. “There” is no better a place than “here.” When your “there” has become a “here”, you will simply obtain another “there” that will again look better than “here.”

7. Other people are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.

8. What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.

9. Your answers lie within you. The answers to life’s questions lie within you. All you need to do is look, listen, and trust.

10. You will forget all this.

Picture above

June 19, 2011


I have heard many versions of this song. {Garth Brooks is probably one of my favorites} Over the weekend my ears had the pleasure of hearing it by Adele, and I feel in love with it all over again. It's woodsy and smooth, full of heart, and the perfect song for a quiet evening alone with a glass of wine and deep reflection.

Anthropologie Wish List

Yesterday I ventured over to Anthro, where I haven't been since my last post...and it was just as magical as my last visit. I even got to peruse the entire sale section *all by myself* since I was there so early - which for any one that visits Anthro knows that sometimes that sale closet room can get a bit too crowded. But who doesn't love the way they organize it by color? These are some of my wish list items...

Silk Cadence Blouse in Green

Feathered Gleam Blouse {if this should ever go on sale, fingers crossed....}

Of-The-Ages Pullover {this actually looks better on - the picture doesn't do it justice}

And my new favorite candle...
Illume Boulangerie Vanilla & Fig

And this perfume...
Lollia's Relax {fresh notes of lavender, white orchid sweetened with Tahitian vanilla and honey}

Mmm..makes me just want to walk around all day floating...

All pictures above courtesy of Anthropologie

June 18, 2011

God's 3 answers to your prayers

God's 3 answers to your prayers
1. Yes
2. Not Yet
3. I have something better in mind.

When I think back, and connect the dots, this little saying proves to be true in most cases. While me may not always understand it, if we wait for it, and let it unfold, the beauty of the unanswered prayer is worth the wait of 'something better in mind'

Originally seen here
Q&A Book originally seen here

One of my most favorite songs about faith, hanging on, and just waiting for it to all unfold. Thank you to Jenny Goodwin for this gem :)

June 17, 2011

Just Little Things

*I am notoriously known for doing this*

If you ever having an off day, I urge you to wander to Just Little Things.

This website is a collection of just that - "a list of all the little things we should appreciate". I can't help but smile while I read through the list.

These are some of my favorites:

Who doesn't love to know they are the first thing on someone's mind in the morning?

This can make or break a quality letter...my favorite is the uniball bic - and it comes in pink :)

Especially the painful kind. Ouch.

June 16, 2011

Trading Wheat for Meat

Today marks day 30 without carbs.

And I ask myself, "how do you feel?" (Besides the number on the scale, which I'll address in a bit)

1. My skin looks just radiant. I really have gotten more compliments on my skin in the last 30 days then the last year. I've been told I'm glowing! And I'm still using the same face cleanser.

2. I fall alseep easier, sleep deeper, and wake feeling lighter, with ease. I always used to wake up in the middle of the night. My anxiety levels have definitely tapered.

3. I eat more vegetables now than I ever did before, and I feel rejuvenated.

Now, I'm not losing weight as fast as I had anticipated, but I feel good. I feel really healthy and stronger. And for those reasons alone I am going to continue with this.

P.S. I still miss sugar. Not sure how much longer we can be apart.
P.S.S. Confession: I had a piece of cheesecake at my uncle's 50th. I mean, you still have to live. Really!

{Based on all the steak I consume, I think I should invest in these gorgeous Laguiole Steak Knives above?....you think? Originally seen here.}

June 14, 2011


Just a short quick one for today...I heard this quote by one of my favorites and it struck a chord with me so deeply that I keep thinking about it.

"Does something need to change? Or do you need to change something?"~Joyce Meyer

Picture above seen here

June 12, 2011

10 ways to love

10 ways to love, originally seen here

Antique Mason Jars

I ventured out to the Antique market in Grayslake this weekend with two goals in mind. To find 1) vintage antique mason jars and 2) hand made lace doilies. I found them both and a few other treasures which I will post soon. It was so enjoyable just to roam the aisles, enjoying the gorgeous weather, a lazy Sunday, just me and my aunt, time, and beautiful antiques to see.

Picture seen here

June 9, 2011

Almond Butter

Actually, it's ALMOND Butter. And it's FANTASTIC. Trader Joes Almond Butter with Flax Seeds. Worth the trip to TJ's. Note to reader - must stir and stir well.

TJ's Almond Butter Ingredients: Dry Roasted Almonds, Golden Roasted Flaxseeds, Sea Salt


Even your Jif Natural Creamy PJ ingredients include: MADE FROM PEANUTS, SUGAR, PALM OIL, CONTAINS 2% OR LESS OF: SALT, MOLASSES.

I highly recommend it. Overall nutrition wise, I hear/read that almond butter is better for you due to it's high content of vitamin E. And who doesn't need a benefit from more Vitamin E? Takes a bit getting used to, but this stuff is delish. I like to serve it with this...{an odd combo, but it works}

Picture above: courtesy of www.hangrypants.com
Jif Ingredients courtesy of www.jif.com
Strawberries: creatingahouseofgrace.blogspot.com

LS Inc.

If I were a company (i.e. LS Inc.) let's just say I'm takin' care of business - from head to toe, mind, heart, and soul. ♥

In life sometimes you have to do that. For your family, your yourself.

Lately I've been stepping more outside of the box. Listening to my inner voice. And, I like what she has to say! What does your inner voice say, and do you listen to it when it speaks to you? I'm focusing on my priorities, and learning about what really makes me happy.

I'm turning off the tv more, and turning on my brain more. And I'm losing that 'My brain is feeling like mush feeling' and more like 'a well oiled machine' feeling.

I'm remembering not to care what anyone else thinks, and to stand tall in the truth.

And while all too often in life where I remember times I didn't think I was worth it {Quite foolish}...I'm so happy that I'm finally at this place where I'm getting really comfortable in my own skin. I like my body, I think I'll take care of it for a while :)

If you're thinking where do I start? I found this list that I thought was so nicely put together...

*find the time* found here

June 8, 2011

What's in a name?

I've {finally!} decided on a blog name and committed to set up a website domain.


It's official, no changing names now, Lisa...

I had about 3 dozen names that I was tossing around but each one was either 'too this' or 'too that'. I was feeling very Goldilocks. Finally really I thought about it and remembered some words of advice by author Jen Lancaster when asked by one of her readers who wanted to become a writer what she should do to get started. Jen said "If you want to become a writer, write!" - everything else will follow, I believe. So that is where my inspiration came forth. The lady & her pen.

This blog is really just about me and my pen - simply because most of what I post on here is little snippets of stories, music, fashion, decoration, a quote to ponder, something that caught my eye, a lesson, a new favorite thing, something I might otherwise not notice if I didn't post about it. Little moments like these that are truly just simple pleasures that I partake in during my day to hopefully bring simple moments to your life as well. Nothing intense or scary, just some simple goodness, coming your way.

So there you have it - the new meaning to the blog name.

{Picture above seen here}

June 6, 2011


Remember Candyland?

Maybe this board game from our youth is slightly symbolic of what we go through at different phases of our life.

The whole point of the game is that the King of Candyland is lost - and all the players go through the board, following a path along until they find "King Kandy".
Who is this King Kandy? Does he represent 'happiness'? A goal? Something we're fighting for?

So players take turns taking a card from the stack and most of the cards show 1 of 6 colors. The player moves to that space of that color. Some cards have 2 squares of that color - so the player can move ahead to the second-next space of that color square.

There are special cards too...one for each place in Candyland...and if you draw one you zoom no matter where you are on the board all the way to that place. Be it the "Peppermint Forest" or whatnot.

What I love about the game is that all the people in all the different lands are sort of little guardian angels to help you along your way...Mr. Mint, Gramma Nutt, Jolly, Plumpy the Plumpa Troll, Princess Lolla, Queen Frostine, and Gloppy the friendly moster.

It's the same in life. Sometimes you can be so close to your goal or your destination and for whatever reason you draw a different card life has in your pile, and it sends you to a different place in Candyland. A new town you don't know. You don't know the people, and you miss the way it was. You were on a great path before, and you thought you were so close to finding King Kandy. What happened? What happened what supposed to happened, so this time, take a look around and enjoy the gum drops in gum drop mountain. Enjoy the color of the stripes in Candy Candy Lane. Learn the stories from the friendly monster Gloppy and what makes him tick. There's a good reason this card was turned over, and it's time to find out.

Candyland chalk path picture seen here

June 4, 2011

Ruby Slippers

Well, they're not sparkly and red, but I saw these at Nordstrom and my heart skipped a beat. Most of what I post on here is just a wish but I picked these up because I knew it was something I would love, love, love.

Picture: Nordstrom

ahh sugar (da da da da da da)

I've gone and given up sugar. All sugar.

sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, raw sugar, beet sugar, confectioner’s sugar, high fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, refiner’s syrup, rice syrup, dextrose, disaccharide, fructose, glucose, galactose, lactose, maltodextrin, maltose, monosaccharide, polysaccharide, ribose, saccharose, sucrose, agave nectar, date sugar, (evaporated) cane juice, fruit juice, honey, maple syrup, molasses, rice malt (extract), (sweet) sorghum, treacle, etc. You get the point.

So far I'm on day 5 off the sauce. I haven't started twitching or convulsing yet. I haven't combusted. Each day I ask myself "can I do this for today?" Usually the answer is yes.

But it doesn't mean that I don't want to snarf this down.

And I really have a taste for these old fashioned cookies from back in the day. Dunked in a cool glass of milk.

And seeing this luscious piece of art made me actually whine out loud. WOL. Yes, I did.

Oreo Cheesecake Brownie: Courtesy of Pinterest
Chocolate Wafer Cookies: via Cafemom.com
{chocolate cookie dough brownie}

But yes, I can do this for today...