July 26, 2011

Just some window shopping

I am moving in 10 days! And the idea of moving into a new home floods me with dreams of little things I would someday hope to have in my nest.

A french press ...to sip my coffee as I read or watch tv on Saturday morning.

Picture above seen here

This classic whistling kettle...to brew tea, hot water with lemon, or above water for said french press :)

Picture here

And I saw these ...flameless candles - with remote. I mean, really, with remote??
I have an old cast iron non working fireplace in my new house, and I'm thinking of putting some flameless candles in there with acorns and firewood...

Picture here

July 15, 2011


I knew it was home when at first glance.

I was waiting for a feeling, and I found it.

It reminds me of where Princess Aurora lived when she was raised as a peasant girl with her fairy godmothers in the movie Sleeping Beauty...(like this picture above)

It just felt like home. Where every other place I visited in my search for my next home left me feeling daunted, sad, and panicked, this space made me feel invited, comforted, and welcomed. I didn't want to leave.

As I looked back at the front steps, I imaging myself hanging a big pot of red geraniums out of the front door. I smiled as I walked everso slowly back to my car thinking "yes, this is the one, my heart has found it's next home."

above picture found here and here, and here

July 10, 2011

Expressionary Stamps

The newest addition to my wish list! Someday, I'd like to get one of these...from Expressionary (seen first in Real Simple mag)

All pictures above courtesy of Expressionary

ABC's of Faith

One of my favorites.

In my life so far the ones that mean the most are:

~Knock & the door will be opened to you
~Love your neighbor as yourself

Above ABC's of Faith Stone Plaque available at Christian Book

July 9, 2011

Le Pliage

I love the Le Pliage handbags and totes by Longchamp. There's just something about their simplicity and basic style that appeals to me. While they come in all sorts of colors, I would go for these neutral tones and styles. (can you tell I'm on a nautical kick lately?)

all images above via Longchamp

July 8, 2011

The Grand Hotel

One of my favorite places in the whole world (really, the whole world) is The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan. As I first visited 2 years ago, I never wanted to leave. It was everything that I didn't even know that I wanted in a place to escape to. I've already decided that one day I will get married there (although doing so will mean that most of my friends won't be able to attend as it's 7 hours away, difficult to get to, there are no automobiles allowed on the island so you must take a ferry across and travel by horse-drawn buggies...)

I'm all giddy because once again I get to go back. My trip is booked for October with my loveliest grandmother who enjoyed the island as much as I did.

We're not staying here but this is my dream to stay in this room, the Laura Bush Suite..isn't it pretty??

I'm also very excited because these famous white wicker and wood rocking chairs that align the 660 foot front porch are still made today by P&P Chair Company. Made in the good old U.S.A., known as The Kennedy Rocker, they retail for $299.00 each, and I shall dream of 2 of them...someday, so that with every rock back and forth I have a bit of Mackinac in my day.

I imagine myself curling up in this chair on a screen porch, with a cup of my favorite roast, with warm cream, waking up to start the day.

Picture above from here, here, and here.

July 1, 2011

Besotted with Besotted Blog

I'm simply besotted with Besotted Blog.

The pictures are captivating. The writing is beautiful. She's quite talented.

Until next time ~ Have a relaxing holiday weekend!

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