August 26, 2011

Let Me Down Easy by Billy Currington

The country girl in me loves this Billy Currington tune. A romantic sappy country song, it reminds me of my Wisconsin days. I have a trip planned to go back in a few weeks, and I find whenever I'm there, I find comfort and revert back to my roots and the radio station always is tuned into a country station as I pull into the custard stand off Main Street, and smile when I visit this time capsule of my past that captures my heart each time I go back.

August 25, 2011

The Brink of Autumn

It's the brink of Autumn. And as if on cue, the first day of school at the school district where I work was this week, and I also saw the first of the leaves changing on my commute. I was able to find my favorite fall Yankee Candle - Autumn Pumpkin - (which much to my surprise they sell at Kohls, and I love to stock up on them when I get a 30% of coupon! It's every fall scent encased in glass to perfection - not overpowering, and warm and comforting.) I picked up some mulling spice from The Spice House in Evanston and just simmered a spoonful this evening. With a glass of red wine, and my thoughts about fall brewing about, the changing of the season is in the air, and in my thoughts, as the last days of summer come to a close.

Emily over at Remodeling This Life inspired me to create my own 20 things I love about Autumn. After all, it's my favorite season. If I could live in a town where it was Fall year round, I would move there tomorrow (ohh..but I do love where I live right now...this would be tempting...) See more of Emily's thoughts here.

1. chilly mornings snuggled under the covers (this one I borrowed from Emily!)
2. slippers and cozy socks
3. pumpkin scented candles
4. hot chocolate
5. afternoon walks with leaves all around
6. turtlenecks
7. apple cider
8. homemade chicken noodle soup
9. picking out my own pumpkin
10. back to school supplies
11. all shades of red and orange and the colors of trees changing
12. Still being able to open up the windows, and curl up in a blanket
13. picking out great big potted mums
14. trench coats and pea coats
15. Tall boots and still being able to wear suede without fear of snow ruining it
16. Long drives in the midwest with all the gorgeous leaves changing
17. Cinnamon scented acorns from Michaels
18. The smell of fall. Of change. The smell of its crispness, of earth, of trees, of the richness of life.
19. all my scarves - I have a love of scarves!
20. a true time of 'harvesting'

Harvesting. A time to invest. Sow. There's something cathartic about harvesting - investing in yourself, in your life, in your family.

What will you harvest this season? Will you bake? Will you learn? Will you teach? Will you work? Will you shape your future, change your outlook? What will you change? What will you invest in and trim, and sow?

No matter what you harvest - the old saying is true - you will reap what you sow. Happy Harvesting friends!

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Peter & The Wolf

Do you remember Peter & The Wolf?

Such a childhood favorite. I love it when I remember a movie, a book, a memory, of my youth, and I am instantly transported back to that time. Just for a moment, maybe even a second, but the memory floods me with the feelings of excitement, that nowadays it's hard to get by just 'a movie' or 'a book' or the simple things. I remembered this movie recently. Peter and The Wolf....1946...narrated by Sterling Holloway (now that is a beautiful voice) and this old movie will make you fall in love with classic music, and you'll instantly be won over by Sasha the feisty bird, Sonia the duck, and Ivan the cat. You will learn a nice lesson about about life, and it's refreshing to watch an old cartoon flick (not everything is in high quality Pixar these days). So curl up with some hot cocoa on a cool autumn day, windows open and wrapped up in a blanket...maybe scoop the kids up and try to find this one on netflix or something, and show them what we grew up watching!

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August 24, 2011

Stained Glass

This picture takes my breath away. I can't imagine how much work went into creating this. Stained glass is so beautiful, and sort of inspiring...because it makes you look at the world differently as you are looking at it through a different color. This picture goes quite well with this quote...

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Remember to always let your light shine :)

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Hello friends!

Sorry I have been under the radar for so long. I have been busy moving into my new home, and nesting away, making this space all mine. As nerve wracking as the moving process can sometimes be, and scary and anxious as the process of a new beginning is, a good friend told me to 'shake my glitter' all over this space. And that is precisely what I have been doing, and what has been keeping me so far from The Lady & Her Pen (that, and the fact that I have not had internet or cable until today)

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August 5, 2011


My cousin Molly is so talented. She creates these beautiful pieces in her Ceramics class in high school. She is incredibly modest and doesn't think anything of them - she is happy to give them away. To me, each piece is crafted with time, energy, sweat, and labor of love. Each piece tells a story of time. As I hold each piece thinking of which one I want to take home, I admire the color, the craftsmanship, the effort it took in creating this bowl, this vase, this platter. She has inspired me to take a ceramics class of my own! I start next weekend...I want to create pieces and fill my home with platters and vases, pots for houseplants, bud vases, and bowls, in tons of neutrals like these. I wonder if I'll ever get this good to create pieces like this? Love you Molly ~ You inspire me :)

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August 4, 2011

Brighter Than The Sun

This song makes me feel uplifted, happy, almost vibrating full of goodness. It makes me think of all that is good and pure and all the wonderful people in my life, and my faith. And when I do, I think they are just that - Brighter than the Sun. The greatest summer tune. It's a great song to go for a run to, to clean the house to, to jump around dancing with your kids, to dance around the house or in the car with yourself, with friends, or jam in your chair at the office and get happy just about life. Not many are so versatile!