August 24, 2012

Instagram Friday

I recently discovered the world of Instagram.... (the last one to join it seems) ...the world of online photo sharing with just a click you can change the look and feel of the picture to intensify and enhance your experience and share pics quickly. And while lately, I'm 'just not that into' facebook and what everyone is complaining about, it's a nice escape to see what my friends are looking at - what they find beautiful, funny, or worth capturing.  While I'm just getting started, here are couple of my first Instagrams...

And these words to live by...

August 19, 2012

Beauty In The World

Yesterday I made an impromtu stop at a local track nearby, and made do with mother nature, grass, and my own 2 legs.  With Pandora streaming and plenty of time, it was just me and the sun, the wind, the sky, the grass, the track. No crowded gym. No fighting over the stairmill. No clocks. Just a great workout with what God gave you.  Now, I usually do stairs. So I improvised and did bleechers instead....afterward when I was stretching post workout, I looked back and had to take this picture of them.

Afterward, I was doing my ab routine, laying in the grass. All of a sudden it dawned on me:

"When was the last time you just laid in the grass and took in this blue sky and sun filled day? Just laid here and just appreciated the beauty in the world of the smallest things?" You can see in the picture below I had to take a picture of me mid-ab-crunch...

So often I just go through my day like a little lemming. Work-Gym-Home-Eat-Sleep. Like a robot. Forgetting to take the time, lay in the grass, look up at the sky...and just soak it all in.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Be Good to Yourself

I miss blogging. I miss this site.

The truth is that I am without a computer these days (how is this possible!! How am I surviving!! :) Yes my antiquated ibook G4 finally gave out on me. That little guy gave me 7 solid years. There is something to be said for a mac, and while I'll never stray from apple.

But, I am surviving life without a computer. But I do miss sharing all the captivating pictures and thought provoking posts I want to share. I miss the community of people. I know it won't be long until I have a computer once again. In the meantime I am trying to enjoy the benefits of being disconnected from the online world - and trying to store as many of these posts up as possible so that when I'm back on the scene again I can make up for lost time with all of my saved goodies.

Until then,  I am attempting to 'put myself first'.
So there will be few and far between posts on here for a while until I am back up and running - connected to the world once again digitally... No more lovely pictures to ooh and ahh over. For today, I will close this post as I sit and enjoy the silence of a Saturday morning, my coffee with soy, do some stretching while I make my to-do list and just be in peace. Happy Sunday morning friends!

I enjoyed reading this post about ways to take care of yourself ...

P.S. That night I slept 12 hours. I think the last time that happened I was sick with a cold. I never allow that to happen! It was fabulous...

Picture above here.

August 14, 2012



I'm a bit obsessed with beauty products and over the years I have tried to get this habit under control. It's highly unnecessary to have 10 different hair styling products if I am only using 2. There's no reason to keep 8 different perfumes when I always run to the same scent. Lipsticks are kept at a maximum of 2, and slowly over time, this addiction is now just a minor twitch that I get when going to the local drugstore, the makeup and beauty bars at department stores, or the like. 

So it was perfect timing when I found Pre de Provence French triple milled soap. Makes the whole shower smell fresh, luxurious and like I never want to leave...and leaves my skin feeling softer than ever.

Picture above here.

August 8, 2012

It Don't Have To Change

As I have mentioned before, I work extensively with this youth group. High school juniors and seniors through a parish on the north shore. It is so difficult to put into words exactly how much they mean to me, and every year about this time, is the hardest time for me.  This is the time of the year that the ones I have grown so close with leave for college. A rite of passage, as it would be awfully strange if they stayed 18 forever, but it still rips my heart apart to have to say goodbye.

I know there are some that will continue to check in over the years. Some that have impacted me so greatly that I am forever changed.  Some I have grown so close with they have become like brothers and sisters. These kids that I work with know more about me then my family and best friends do, which can be difficult to explain at times. But there is a bond that forms when working together on this program and it's something that it's almost etched in our hearts. Some of them may travel far ... to Asia, Europe, and the Amazon. Some may go to school right here in our city. Some may emotionally become distant and might not see them for a while. But no matter the miles, emotionally or physically, in our hearts they always stay. And while year after year, the program continues, kids come in, kids leave, each one is so special. I didn't think I was capable of loving so many of them as much as I do, and every year I suprise myself. 

To all my seniors that are leaving for all the ones that are far away and I might not have seen you for 6 months or a year... and to all the kids that I can't wait to work with over this next year....this song is for you. Whenever I hear it my eyes instantly water and it makes me think of all the good times we've had, the good times to come, and how blessed we are to all know each other and call each other a family.