January 6, 2013

Caldrea, take me away

My new favorite candle....by Caldrea....Lemon Vanilla. And I was shocked that I found it at Target. It's been burning all day in my room. Flickering a soft light. The scent is subtle, just a hint of vanilla and a dash of lemon...natural beeswax. Not that sugary overpowering vanilla....and not the overwhelming scent of lemon. It's the perfect blend of just enough of each. It's hard to find the right mixture of each and even harder for me to find the right vanilla scents....and I can be quite particular.  This one is heavenly and oh I wish I could have you readers sniff my screen to show you it's the perfect scent. All my christmas candles are packed away, but I still want a warm cozy candle to cuddle up to, and this is just the trick. (Sigh...) Caldrea, take me away.

Good night readers, until tomorrow!