February 1, 2013

Pay It Forward

Happy Friday!

I pulled in line at Starbucks this morning. A minivan pulled around where we would be merging in line together. I was in line 'first'. I wasn't in a rush, but I was not running late. Something just came over me, and I felt like letting the minivan go ahead of me, just to be nice. I just thought of all the times we fight in line at these lines in Starbucks or other places and inch forward with our cars as if to say "I was here first!". Seems so silly. So I waved her forward and she waved back a thank you. The line was taking a long time this morning but I didn't really think anything of it. The minivan in front of me seemed to be ordering a complex order, but I just patiently sat there, listening to my music, thinking about the day ahead of me.  When it was finally my turn, I pulled up to the window to get my drink.  The Barista cheerfully said "Good Morning! Happy Friday!" I warmly smiled and replied, "Happy Friday!" and handed her my debit card. She said "The woman in the van in front of you paid for your coffee this morning!".  I was shocked. Here all I had done was simply let her go in front of me and exhibited a little bit of patience and kindness, and she bought my coffee that morning. Pulling out of the driveway I thought about what a random act of kindness that was, and how we are so quick to judge people and rush rush rush through the day - and when you stop and look for it - the simple kind small things are just right here for you to enjoy.  So let someone go first in the starbucks line...or let someone else have the parking spot... donate more clothes to goodwill...make a dish for a friend if you know she's incredibly busy... spend time with your family if you know they are lonely...call up an old relative or friend you have not talked to just for no reason at all...give your time and give it without expecting anything in return. Pay it forward today.