March 31, 2013

Happy Easter & Turning 2...

The Lady & Her Pen turns 2 today....and it is Easter! Happy Easter fellow readers!

I love Easter. I love the sense of renew and rebirth. The changing of seasons, the smell of the first hints of spring in the air. Where I can still wear a light jacket, but later on take it off when it gets too warm. Going to church today was like watching everyone come out of hibernation for the winter. Young girls had on their white tights and even some had on cute little darling hats. Bows in their hair. Most of us left the long dark wool coats in their closet and opted for a light tan trench or topper.  Women were wore light pants or dresses and everyone seemed to have a little more life in their step.  Everyone just seemed happy for the hour, and 'lighter'. The birds have started to chirp, the sun was shining, spring is definitely in the air.

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