April 28, 2013

Things to do

You know those things you've been meaning to do? No, not the growing to do list. Not the massive amounts of errands. Not the general ebb and flow of life that keeps us 'so busy'. The things you've wanted to do but just haven't done. For whatever reason. All the things on your 'bucket list'. Pick one. Whether it be small, such as saying something to someone you've always wanted to. Or taking a different route because you've always wanted to drive by this certain area. Go for a long drive. Take the bike out of the garage and ride it. Wear the nice shoes. Burn the favorite candle. Wear the jewelry you've haven't taken the tags off yet because you're saving. Wear a spring dress even if you work in a casual work environment. Wear something other than black. Wake up early. I mean early. Watch the sunrise. Call up and old friend and really catch up the way friends were meant to. Give up facebook for a day, or a week. Trust me, it's not going anywhere. Turn off the television. Hug your children. Read more. Take a deep breathe in. This is life, this is the journey, it's meant to be enjoyed, every moment. The good, the bad, the fights, the making up, the drama, the love. It's all part of it. What are you waiting for?