September 18, 2013

Love Take Me Over

Currently listening to this tune which has me dancing barefoot, in my cozy socks, in my highest heel, and my most comfortable and favorite flats. To put it perfectly, this song fills me up with love. I picture myself sprinkling hearts all over like an endless cape coming straight from my heart - trailing me like pixie dust wherever I go.   I'm throwing hearts into the air, armfuls at a time, watching them trickle and dance all around me.  Some are sequined...some are glittered...some are twinkling...some are rich in deep reds, pinks, and purples... others are buttery soft suede in texture...a few are bright like christmas lights and shine here and there.  The hearts are overflowing and my love is pouring out onto others, and it's pure love - for all.  Listen to this song by Steven Curtis Chapman and try to feel yourself being dusted with pure love....

Picture, here.