September 16, 2013

Never Settle

Dating can be like navigating through some very rough waters. It can be scary, traumatic, exhilarating, romantic, heart wrenching, and at times...dreadful. You can feel lost in the seas, unsure of where to go next, you can't see the shoreline, the winds are blowing much too rough, and you are in danger. There are times you wish the storm would pass, and the clouds would part, and your little boat would just settle in some calm, beautiful waters. 

I recently stumbled upon this book "My Little Book of Whether or Not He's Worth It" and if I had a little girl, or a sister, I would want them to know these things now, and remind themselves of these things because we often forget it.

Please take some time to read some of these points from her book... such as:

I will only date and eventually marry:
A man who makes me feel so excited, I can't stop myself from wanting more.

 A man who doesn't keep me guessing about his feelings and what he wants.

A man who pursues me.

A man who sees me as the bright spot in his day.

A man who does what he says he's going to do.

A man who doesn't make me feel anxious, uneasy, or worse by being in a relationship with him than I did being alone
A man who makes me feel comfortable enough to bring up sensitive topics.
A man who loves me enough to marry me in every time zone if that's what I wanted.

A man who doesn't need forever to realize I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him.

A man who would move mountains to keep me.

A man who treats me better than I feel I deserve.

A man who never belittles me to feel superior.

A man who goes out of his way to make sure I know my worth is infinite, that I'm smart, valuable and deserving of everything I've ever wanted.

A man who hungers for information about me and doesn't spend our time solely talking about himself.

A man who has the ability and desire to provide.

A man who doesn't make me feel like I have to give up anything which I find to be essential for making life enjoyable.

A man who honors the woman I am and have the potential to become.

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